Boyd Conservation Area, Vaughan

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Located in the Humber River Valley, Boyd Conservation Area is a great place to spend a sunny morning or afternoon. Pack up your friends, family and furry companions and claim your own spot of greenery for the day. The park also hosts day camps for kids and is close by the Kortright Centre for Conservation.

Boyd Conservation Area, Vaughan

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Boyd Conservation Area is best known for its big picnic areas that give you lots of choices to eat outside, along with rentals for large groups. There are also basketball hoops, soccer fields and bocce courts plus countless open areas just waiting for frisbees to take to the skies. Bring friends and family – even the furry ones – and claim some green space for the day. Just make sure to pack some bug spray.

What to expect

Boyd rests at the headwaters of both the Don and Humber Rivers. As a result, lush vegetation and huge trees flourish throughout the park, which attracts many visitors both wildlife and hikers. There’s a variety of animal and plant life, including a mixture of tree species and lots of riverside creatures like tadpoles, salamander, turtles and small fish. If you have kids along, a walk here is a perfect chance for them to learn about conservation.

Note: there’s a small day fee to visit this conservation area (you can also get a membership if you head to these parks often).

Explore the trails

Boyd’s Red Trail circles the park and acts as the main path, branching off to connect to surrounding trails. If you’ve got young kids with you, the south end of the park has some nice shorter hikes that weave in and out of the forest and alongside the river. The Pierre and Janet Berton trail in the middle of the park is a 1km route aimed at elementary school-aged children. The north end can be a good option for longer hikes as it connects onto trails that go all the way to Kleinburg.

More nature nearby

If you’re planning a trip to Boyd, consider dropping by the Kortright Centre for Conservation located just north of the park. It’s home to an exploratory-based nature school for kids and hosts family events like Bat Hike and a honey festival.

Essential gear

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