High Park, Toronto

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High Park is a triple-threat for nature-lovers: it’s got a lake-sized pond, a nature centre, and trees that burst into cherry blossoms in spring. Enjoy them all on this 7km run through the Roncesvalles area. Wrap up and refuel with a bulletproof coffee at the end of this route. If you’re tight on time, you can easily shorten this route to 5K without missing the nature (or the coffee.)

High Park, Toronto

High Park, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Planning your route

Pump yourself full of nature (along with a bit of caffeine)

Start in the park

Because it’s so big, High Park is an easy place to get lost. Avoid the extra energy expenditure by having a map for this 7km route handy and bringing along a device with GPS capabilities.


Start at Parkside Drive and The Queensway, and head west along the trail. Swerve north to run alongside Grenadier Pond where, at the top, you’ll swing east for Colborne Lodge Drive. Need a break? Pause for a stretch at the High Park Nature Centre, then head south to the zoo past llamas, bison and peacocks. Follow the bend to turn north again, and be sure to veer right at most crossroads. This will take you to the northeast corner of the park at Bloor Street West and Parkside Drive.

The terrible toos

If you’re new to the running world bear in mind the old adage “too far, too fast, too soon.” If this route is a tad long for you, there’s a shortcut you can take to bring the distance down to 5km. After running past the pond the path veers northeast to run parallel with West Road. Carry on this path until it joins up with West Road and then eventually Colborne Lodge Drive. You’ll reach Bloor in a minute where you’ll take a right and run for a block to Parkside Drive to rejoin the route.

Where to integrate intervals

Fancy more structure to your sprints? There’s a 200m section on this run perfect for practicing intervals. On the last stretch north, just before you turn right off Spring Road to head to Bloor and Parkside, there’s a short straight stretch on your left that links to Colborne Lodge Drive. Bolt back and forth a few times along this section to get those twitch muscles in tip, top shape.

The famous blossoms

High Park in late April or early May gives a real treat: in-bloom cherry blossom trees. These lovely arbors bloom for just a couple of weeks each year, sprinkling the ground with their pink-confetti petals. It’s easy to zen out with this kind of beauty around, so we won’t argue if you take it slow through the park.

Feeling bulletproof?

Refuel after your run with a bulletproof coffee from Extra Butter Coffee. This zinger mixes coffee with 12 tablespoons of butter to keep you fueled for the rest of your day. Also: donuts.

Essential gear

Step through the park in a speedy-yet-comfy run set-up.

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