Waterfront Trail, Burlington

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One of the best places to take a spin in Burlington is along Lake Ontario down the Waterfront Trail. Measuring over 700km in total, the trail stretches from Niagara-on-the-Lake up to Brockville. Bring your bathing suit and an appetite – this trail has white sand beaches and tasty bites along the route.  

Waterfront Trail, Burlington

1340 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada

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Pick your trail

There are many ways to jump on the Waterfront Trail in Burlington and start exploring. The most accessible entry point in Burlington is Discovery Landing at 1340 Lakeshore Road. If you head west from here the trail will soon split.

Take the North Shore Boulevard route for moderate winding and hills and a cycle past the Botanical Gardens. If you take Lakeshore Road and ride east, Beachway Park is a great place to get on some stone dust paths and cruise away the afternoon. Lakeshore is a road path – it’s straight, scenic and great for beginners. If you’re planning your ride later in the day, remember to bring an extra layer so a cool breeze doesn’t chase you home early.

Will stop for parks

If you take the North Shore Boulevard route you can make a quick detour to LaSalle Park for a spin on a downhill forest path. It’s a nice side trip while you’re on two wheels, and you just might see some of the local wildlife.

Park yourself beachside

If you’ve decided that Lakeshore Road is more your jam, take your time at Burlington South Beach in Beachway Park. This 2km stretch is one of the only white sand beaches that lines the western edge of Lake Ontario. Did we already say pack a bathing suit? Since it’s a short ride from the starting point, you can plan to stop here on your out-and-back route to finish your day.

Enjoy the seasonal sights

As Itabashi, Japan, is Burlington’s twin city, Burlington is home to the Sakura tree. These cherry blossom trees bloom in early-to-mid spring, anytime from March through to May. Head out in spring along the Burlington Waterfront Trail to experience what in Japan is a tradition called Hanami, the appreciation of seasonal cherry blossoms.

Reward yourself with waterfront eats

Regardless of your route, once you’ve finished your ride (and maybe your beach swim), head back the way you came towards Discovery Landing and Spencer Smith Park. Spencer’s at the Waterfront is a delicious place to grab some grub and a waterfront view.

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