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Habitat 67

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Montreal is a road runner’s dream. From the port of Old Montreal to Jean Drapeau Park, there are so many choices for planning a running route, and if you’re a local you can keep mixing it up with new loops. One idea? Run around the neighbourhood of Habitat 67 across the bay from downtown and Old Montreal. Here’s where to go.

Habitat 67

Habitat 67, Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada

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Planning your run

An ideal route in this unique community

Take transit

When you’re going for a run, it’s always great to pack light and take public transit if you can. Take the yellow line to the Parc Jean Drapeau station. From there, you can start a light jog and make your way towards Habitat 67. It’s a nice 2km stretch to this iconic neighbourhood.

Getting closer

As you start your run, take Parc Jean-Drapeau’s waterfront trail. As you reach the second kilometre, you’ll see the oddly shaped structure that was originally used as a pavilion for the Expo 67 World’s Fair looming on the other side of the river.

Bridging the divide

To cross the river, you’ll need to make sure your running route joins up with Concordia Bridge. The bridge is pretty long, but it makes for a refreshing run. When it ends, Avenue Pierre-Dupuy begins – as does Habitat 67. You’ll literally find yourself right in front of it.


Heads up: Habitat 67 is a private residential area, so don’t plan on nosing around the complex. Be respectful, and remember that you’re in a real neighbourhood where people live – not in a museum or a tourist trap.


Don’t miss this detour

On your way back from Habitat 67, consider diverting your route slightly to visit Parc de la Cité-du-Havre – it’s just north of Concordia Bridge. You’ll be treated to one of the most memorable Montreal cityscapes, with the famous Old Port and quays in the foreground, and the Notre-Dame Basilica and the skyscrapers of downtown behind.

Park it

Once you’re back on the other side of the St. Lawrence, spend some time running the trails on the island. There are plenty of options here to customize your distance, and there’s lots of public art on display. For a nice 7km total route, run around the east side of the lake and head north to join up with the interior circuit of Chemin du Tour de I’Isle. Run that loop until you find yourself back down in Jean Drapeau Park. Cool down here before hopping back on the subway.

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