Whiteshell Provincial Park

Big day hike along a lakeside trail

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Come test your mettle on the Hunt Lake Trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park. This trail is a great long distance day hike for those who are looking to get out on some slightly more technical terrain without pushing it too far. This 12.6km return trail is lightly travelled for a good balance between accessible and off-the-beaten-track.  

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Whitemouth, MB, Canada

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Preparing for the hike

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Getting to the trailhead

If you’re leaving from Winnipeg, take the Trans-Canada Highway east. As you draw close to the Ontario border, watch for signs for a truck weigh station on your left. There’ll also be signs for a provincial park on the left. You’ll see the turn off almost as soon as you pass the weigh station. Drive a short way until you see an intersection, take a left and follow it until you reach the Hunt Lake Trail on your right hand side.
Heads up: Make sure you purchase a provincial park pass to prevent any parking fines in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Prepare for the hike

Make sure you bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated and a few snacks to keep energy levels high; you’ll need it for this trail. It’s also important to wear proper footwear. This hike is well kept, but it does get fairly steep and you’ll be faced with some rocky terrain. You’ll have to be prepared to climb at times and, even on a sunny day, you need to be ready to traverse standing water. Last but not least (and it should go without saying in Manitoba), pack bug spray.

Hit the trail

The trail itself is over 12km long out and back, and it may take some hikers longer than the estimated three hours due to the technical bits. This is especially true if you stop to have lunch and enjoy scenic Hunt Lake from the rocky outcroppings. If it’s a rainy day and you need a break, try to keep up the pace until about the halfway point. You’ll find a shelter there where you can stop and catch your breath.


If you keep your eyes open and watch underfoot you may see some interesting wildlife. A rogue mink or vole is not unexpected on this trail. Birdwatchers, keep your eyes and ears open for forest residents like the big pileated woodpecker.

The way back

After a full day of hiking, the last thing you really want is to take a long drive back into the city. To keep your spirits up and energy high, stash an extra pair of dry socks, shoes or even a change of clothes in the trunk of your car. Some snacks and a beverage, maybe even caffeinated, can give you a boost for your drive back home.

Essential gear

Have fun on your day hike by bringing the right gear

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