Nose Hill Park

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Want to ride without leaving the city limits? Nose Hill Park is awesome for mountain bikers to get in a quick rip when time’s tight. It’s Canada’s third largest urban park, and is located in northwest Calgary above the river valley on a grassland plateau. Wind along deep prairie coulees without ever leaving your hometown.

Nose Hill Park

Nose Hill Park, Calgary, AB, Canada

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Where to start

One of the easiest access points to Nose Hill Park is through the parking lot off 14 Street and 64 Avenue NW. From there, it’s a gradual climb up onto the plateau, and soon you’ll find yourself riding through aspen trees and a myriad of trails. If you’re up for the challenge, there are some small cliff bands to work on your drop skills.

Snap the skyline

On the south side of the park, you’ll get one of the most spectacular views of the city. Calgary’s downtown skyline is visible to the southeast, and the Rocky Mountains to the west. It all comes together for the perfect photo opportunity at sunset.

Grasslands plateau and wild deer

The grasslands of Nose Hill Park are home to a ton of wildlife, and right in city limits. Deer roam freely throughout the park, as well as coyotes, porcupines and ground squirrels. Many of these non-human locals live on the north-facing slopes of the park where the coulees are deeper and as aspen forest grows.

At a crossroads

The sky’s the limit for changing up trail routes in Nose Hill Park. With massive increases in signage and infrastructure, you can ride through the park with confidence knowing that you’ll be able to climb back to the plateau or navigate to another ripping descent. There’s a great variety in trail style, with everything from paved paths and crushed gravel to raw singletrack and technical climbs.

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