Les Plaines d'Abraham

Coffee run with a side of history



< 2 hours

Les Plaines d’Abraham is a vast green park peppered with pieces of history and backed by beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River. Lace up your shoes and get ready for a 5K-ish run through this famous battle site – this easy to follow route takes you from a warm-up coffee to history and back again.

Les Plaines d'Abraham

Plaines d'Abraham, Wilfred-Laurier Avenue, Québec City, QC, Canada

Get Directions

Driving time from downtown Quebec City

7 minutes

Walking time from downtown Quebec City

16 minutes

Biking time downtown Quebec City

9 minutes

Plan your run

Make the most out of this historic site

Your starting point

Start your run at the Collège Mérici and head over to the running track. This is a great place to warm up, stretch out your legs and do a few laps to make sure you’ve worked out all your kinks. You can also pop into Presse Café for a morning caffeine boost before heading out.

Off you go

Get back on the running track and make your way towards the water; cross Avenue George VI and follow the path parallel to Avenue Ontario. As the path brings you onto Avenue Ontario, hang a right to make your way to Avenue du Cap du Diamant. Follow it until it brings you back to Avenue George VI. Follow it back to the running track where you can begin your cool down.

River views

With the vastness of les Plaines d’Abraham and the impressive view of the St. Lawrence River, you might find your pace a bit slower than usual as you take it all in. Use the final lap to get in some final tempo sessions before you enter cool down mode. If you’re feeling a little stiff, pick a quiet spot and stretch out your legs or take a downward dog or two.

Beyond the run

Not every run ends with a chance to brush up on your history. If you like museums, take the time to check out le Musée National des Beaux-arts. Or do your cool-down walk through the park to scope out the citadel, old cannons, or the Joan of Arc Garden (which is more than 75 years old).

Sweet ending

Feeling hungry after your workout? The area around Les Plaines d’Abraham is known for its variety of hunger-abating establishments. For something light and tasty, check out Crudessence or La Prep, which have vegan-friendly and gluten-free options along with delicious organic foods and smoothies.

If you’re looking for something sweeter, Paillard bakery is one of the city’s best spot for treats and is only about a kilometre away from the Plaines d’Abraham (think of the extra steps there as your cool down).

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