Kerncliff Park, Burlington

Get a tad technical on the escarpment

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The most ideal trail running routes balance wild natural settings with relatively easy access (so you can get to the trailhead more often). At Burlington’s Kerncliff Park, you’ll get sweeping views of the Niagara Escarpment within an easy drive distance for a short loop-based route. Once you’re on these trails, you may find yourself doing a few loops to extend your time here.

Kerncliff Park, Burlington

Kerncliff Park, Kerns Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

Get Directions

Planning your run

Short and snappy paths in the park

Starting point

To access Kerncliff Park, try using the Kerns Road entrance. Exit off the 403 towards Brant Street, then turn left onto North Service Road. Follow this until you come across Kerns Road, where you can turn right and continue driving up the hill to get to the top of the escarpment. You’ll see a parking lot on your right, where you can get laced up for your run.

The warm up

Before your 3K loop run through the trails at Kerncliff Park, take a look at the trail map to get yourself oriented and to see what’s coming up. On this route, you’ll come across some short climbs and some tricky patches with muddy sections, loose rocks and exposed tree roots. A warm up is always a good idea.

Keep an eye out

Since this is a relatively lightly travelled trail loop, look out for some of the wildlife that live in the park. On a warm day, you might see salamanders or turtles or snakes from the path.

If you’re looking for some scenic views of the escarpment, Kerncliff delivers some amazing forest features, such as a 200-year-old oak tree (it dates back before the city of Burlington itself), and rolling hills that showcase the forest ecosystem.

City skylines more your thing? Keep your eyes peeled on a clear day and you might be able to make out a faint Toronto skyline.

Repeat the trail

Once you’ve wrapped up loop one, you can set out to double the length by doing another loop. Try some time-based tracking to see if you can beat your last night around, or head out in the opposite direction for loop two – you’ll definitely see something different the second time around.

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