High Falls Creek (Squamish)

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Best on a clear, dry day (the rocks can be slippery when it’s wet out), this 12km hike takes you up to views over Squamish Valley and the mountains of the Tantalus Range. There’s a fair amount of scrambling and climbing up and over rocks, so if you’re afraid of heights or a hiking newbie, you’ll want to tackle a different trail. But if you’re up to this challenge, scenic views are your reward.

High Falls Creek (Squamish)

High Falls Creek (Trailhead), Squamish River Forest Service Road, Whistler, BC, Canada

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From Vancouver by car

2 hours



Of elevation in 4km


Planning your hike

Everything you need to know for this steep, intermediate route

Steady incline

A faded sign and flagging tape mark the trailhead on the right side of the road, and right from the beginning the incline makes itself known. Wear sturdy hiking footwear, be ready to get your hands dirty, and make sure your pack has the 10 essentials. The first incline is a good sign of what’s to come, as further sections will require you to use the provided ropes to help yourself along. It’s a steep and short (15-minute) initial climb of about 110m, but at the top you’ll reach a viewpoint at the edge of High Falls Creek canyon. It’s a great spot for a water break and to catch your breath.

Chasing waterfalls and canyon views

There are many views of the waterfall on this hike, and the higher you go, the better the angle you’ll get. Again, remember to watch your step as it can be very slippery on this trail. Once you head away from the waterfall, you’ll get lovely views of the canyon below.

This rocks

You’re almost at the peak when you come face-to-face with a massive boulder field. It’s not the same incline as some of the other parts of the hike, and it doesn’t require climbing assists, but it’ll still give you a good challenge.

Easy finish

The top of the trail showcases amazing views of the glacial lake and mountains. Enjoy the handy bench here to sit and eat lunch. The route ends with a largely uneventful logging road that takes you back to the start. It’s great for jogging if you’ve still got some energy left.

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