Kildonan Park

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Half day

Need to clear your mind? Want to do some run loops for training? Winnipeg’s Kildonan Park is a great spot to lace up and get some fresh air, and is way more scenic than most running tracks. After your laps, stop to feed the ducks, stop to feed yourself, or spend some time relaxing with your run buddy.

Kildonan Park

Kildonan Park, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Where to start

Turn off of Main Street onto McKay Drive. You can park along McKay Drive or continue following it until you reach a parking lot on the left hand side. Parking in the lot is free and convenient. You can also park at the Prairie’s Edge Restaurant and take a quick peek at their menu to motivate yourself during your run.

Choose your route

There are different footpaths that run through and around the park, so it’s easy to switch up your route each time you visit. It also makes it possible to extend your circuit if you want to get in some longer distance training. Since the main footpath circles the whole park and connects to others that intersect within the park, you can start off anywhere you leave your vehicle (if you drove). A circuit of the park is about 2km in total, and if you’re feeling energetic, you can add an extra 2km by following a path that leads around the Kildonan Park Golf Course.

Post-run bites

Choose a spot near one of the gardens or ponds for your cool-down stretches. If you’re out with your run buddy or have a run stroller, there’s lots of reasons to linger instead of rushing back to the car. Feed the ducks and geese with your kids (you can buy special food at the Witch’s Hut), snap some insta-worthy flower shots, hang out at the water park or toss around a disc.


After you finish your park laps, you can grab a bite to eat at Prairie’s Edge. They’ve got everything from a healthy quick snacks to a sit-down meals, plus a bunch of vegetarian options.

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