The Calgary Peace Bridge

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Break away from downtown Calgary with a run along the Bow River. The Peace Bridge makes a great landmark to plan your route around, and the trails and greenspaces it hooks up with give you plenty of kilometres for longer loops on a wide-open weekend, or for a short snappy 5K after work with your run crew.

The Calgary Peace Bridge

The Calgary Peace Bridge

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Planning your route

Tips to make the most of your run

Where to start

Poppy Plaza is a good place to begin. If you’re driving, there’s free parking at 10 Street NW and Memorial Drive NW. Stretch, lace up and take off. Make a quick lap of the park to warm up in the shade, then make your way east along the Bow River Pathway.

Run over the river

In a few minutes, you’ll come to the Peace Bridge stretching over the river. Hook a right and head across it. The glass and red steel bridge is designed for pedestrians and cyclists, so enjoy the elbow room as you take in the views up- and downriver. When you emerge at the other end, take a left and continue following the river downstream.

A little island time

In a few hundred metres, you’ll come to Jaipur Bridge. Cross it and enter Prince’s Island Park. The 20-hectare island is criss-crossed with walking trails, so take your pick and wind your way through the park. When you’ve had your fill of loops, continue north across the bridge that rejoins the Bow River Pathway on the north shore.


Fork in the road

Depending on your energy level (and time level), you now have two choices. Either you can call it a day by taking a left and running back along the river to your starting point. Or you can double your distance, take a right and follow the Bow downstream. Cross at the Reconciliation Bridge and then make your way back upriver, crossing the Jaipur or Peace Bridge once more before you return to your car.

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