Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Miquelon Lake Provincial Park is home to six beautiful backcountry trails, and it’s less than an hour from downtown Edmonton. If you’re really feeling the explorer vibe and plan it just right, you can tackle all 20km of these intertwining trails in one day. Or you can pick and choose which ones sound the most interesting and see what kind of nature and local wildlife make an appearance.

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Camrose County No. 22, AB, Canada

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What you need to know before hitting the trails

Before you head out

Take a moment to stop at the Miquelon Park Centre to pick up a brochure that’ll help guide your time on the trails. To get to your trail of choice, head to the overflow parking area. You’ll notice a trailhead close to the baseball backstop. Hike along this trail for close to a kilometre until you reach the fork in the road. Once you reach this fork, your adventure begins.

Customize your hike

After entering the trail system, it’s a 0.8km trek to get to the first loop. At each trail junction, there’s signage to help guide your day. You can begin your route on the Beaver Hills Interpretive Loop. Then add the Chickadee Loop for another 1.5km hike or the Grouse Loop for a longer 6km hike that’s exceptionally pretty. The Fox, Deer and Ermine loops are also options that intertwine into the trail system. Each trail is wide, hiker friendly and goes through forests of poplar, spruce and aspen. To round out all your #naturelover shots, you’ll also walk by wetlands full of reeds and cattails.

Wildlife along the way

With each loop named after wildlife, it makes sense to keep your eye out for beavers, birds and other wetland creatures throughout your hike.


Some quick facts to share with your hiking buddies while you’re munching on trail mix: the park was designated as a bird sanctuary in the 1920s before it became a provincial park. Over 200 bird species visit Miquelon Lake Provincial Park annually. Beaver lodges and dams scattered throughout the wetlands help create and maintain the bodies of water in the area. Moose, deer, snowshoe hare and muskrats also call the park home. And giving wildlife their space is all part of the classic Leave No Trace tips.

What to pack

No matter what route you take, make sure to bring the 10 essentials in your backpack. If you plan on having a longer day on the trails, bring more food and water than you think you’ll need since you’ll be burning through calories along the way.


Good quality hiking shoes are a must, and a daypack with a hip and chest strap to help distribute the weight will also be helpful. Bear spray, matches, a knife or multipurpose tool, whistle, headlamp, rain jacket and an extra pair of socks are always important emergency items to pack.


The park is also a popular spot for geocaching, so pack your GPS if you’re up for some treasure hunting.

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