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If you’ve never tried trail running, be warned – this may become your new favourite way to get outside. Mount Seymour has a variety of trails ranging from easy loops to challenging climbs. Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned pro, trail running lets you take in the scenery at your pace (and there’s plenty of scenery on these trails).

Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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With so many different routes to choose from, you won’t get bored on Mount Seymour. Up top in Mount Seymour Provincial Park, some easier alpine loops lead to Goldie Lake and Mystery Lake and are great routes if you’re just getting started with trail running. Dog Mountain is a bit longer and makes a scenic loop with rewarding views. Head to the peak of Mount Seymour for the best views, but expect some tough inclines.

Loops and routes

At the base of Mount Seymour, the LSCR (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve) is criss-crossed with trail networks, and it’s possible to link trails together to create longer loops; the Hyannis Point trail head is a good place to start for this. These trails are shared by runners, dog walkers, hikers and mountain bikers, so keep your ears open for the sound of trail users coming up to pass.

Vancouver Trail Running is an awesome guidebook for figuring out routes on Mount Seymour and nearby areas. Local MEC run crews also head out to trails on the North Shore if you’re looking for a group to head out with.

Learn to love the mud

When the sun comes out, running through the trails feels like paradise. But BC’s lush green forests rely on a whole lot of rain to keep them beautiful. Running in the rain doesn’t have to be a negative experience (and can even come with some bonuses). So when you’re in the forest, pack along waterproof-breathable layers as part of your trail running 10 essentials, and embrace it – just don’t intend on keeping your shoes clean.

Watch for roots

The beauty of trail running is that it’s never repetitive. With so many roots and rocks in your path, you need to focus on every step, meaning you’ll improve your balance and agility while giving your joints a break from high-impact pavement running. Stay safe and go at a comfortable pace to prevent rolling your ankle.

Check out the view

For a scenic run further down the mountain, check out Quarry Rock. The most popular route there starts from Deep Cove, but to get away from the crowds, drive halfway up Mount Seymour Road and park in the parking lot for the Baden Powell Trail. From here, run down to Quarry Rock and stop to enjoy the stunning view over Indian Arm. The trail there won’t be busy, but the viewpoint itself can get crowded on weekends, so start your run early to enjoy it in peace.

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