West Bragg Creek Trails

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West Bragg Creek is an area just outside Calgary that has seen over 44km of trail built since 2011. Primarily a cross-country style trail network, West Bragg has 23 trails and over 100km of purpose built trail for mountain biking. Riders know it for being a great after-work mountain biking destination and for its fast flowing corners.

West Bragg Creek Trails

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West Bragg Creek day use area is the prime place to begin your ride in the West Bragg Creek trails. It has a large parking lot for the many people who love to make the most of this park. This area is popular with horseback riders, hikers and trail runners, as well as people packing up lunch to enjoy a picnic in the foothills.

A great intro

If you’re a new mountain biker, you’ve come to the right place. From the West Bragg Creek day use area, follow the Mountain Road west until you hit Telephone Loop. A quick climb up Telephone Loop and you’ll find yourself on the undulating trail, Braggin Rights, back to the parking lot. This gives you two great takeaways: 1. You tried mountain biking for the first time and 2. You can now officially claim braggin’ rights.

Merlin View

What’s so magical about the trail Merlin View? Is it the trail itself, or the views along the way of Alberta’s Rocky Mountain range? The answer is both. Consistent grades for easy climbing and flowing descents mean non-stop fun with bermed corners, pump rollers and table top jumps. Since it’s a loop trail, the best way to ride it is counter-clockwise as you get a longer descent.

Strange Brew

A trail as brilliant as Bob and Doug McKenzie’s performance in the 1983 Canadian comedy of the same name, Strange Brew offers great variety to a rider. Climb up Range Summit Trail to experience 3.6km of Strange Brew singletrack with almost no climbing. Take five minutes to sit at the summit on the rock chairs before you take off, eh.

Looking for more routes in the area? Check out local guidebooks and maps.

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