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Bay of Fundy

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Sea kayaking in the Bay of Fundy at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park has its ups and downs, literally. The bay is home to the highest tides on earth, and the waters you paddle in the morning might be a massive beach by the afternoon. Visit the Three Sisters to get a close-up of Fundy’s unique, ocean-carved geography.

Bay of Fundy

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, West Advocate Road, Advocate Harbour, NS, Canada

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A day on the water

There are many places to canoe or kayak in the Bay of Fundy. A good suggestion? Cape Chignecto Provincial Park; it offers all the elements the bay has to offer. For a day trip, gather up a few friends and taking a short drive north to Spicer’s Cove. From here, you can visit the famous Three Sisters rock formation.


When to start your tour

Begin your day trip to the Three Sisters at high tide. There are many sea kayaking tours in the area that can help guide you on a safe and informative journey. Or, if want to go out on your own, these same companies are happy to provide maps and educational materials on tides and currents.


Paddling in the Bay of Fundy is unlike the open ocean due to the tidal swing of 12m (39ft.) in only six hours. When the tide begins falling, you should be on your way back to Spicer’s Cove.

Very old school

This area of the bay falls within the sea cliffs and fossils ecozone. As you paddle alongside its red cliffs, you’ll see rock arches, rock spires and sea caves. The Bay of Fundy tells a geological story that spans millions of years, dating back to the Triassic age.

Weather watch

Fundy’s weather can change as fast as its tides. When you pick out your outfit for the day, it’s best to be prepared for wind, rain and sunny blue skies. In the summer, fog is common in Cape Chignecto. This is a result of the warm air condensing over chilly tidal waters.


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