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Wellington Crescent

Run under the city’s canopy



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Whether you’re out for an easy run to admire the endless parade of the city’s finest dogs, or you’re putting in some serious kilometres to train for your next half marathon, you’ll meet your goal at Wellington Crescent. This iconic Winnipeg neighbourhood offers a beautiful riverside run under a canopy of trees.

Wellington Crescent

Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Planning your run

What to know before lace up and head out

Where to start

For a 10km loop, start at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and head east along Wellington Crescent, or for a 5km run, begin your route at Sir John Franklin Park. Both loops are beautiful; the latter still gives you access to the prime part of the trail: the pedestrian pathway that curves along the Assiniboine River.

Choose 5K or 10K

If you’re starting at Assiniboine Park, head east on Wellington Crescent until you reach the Maryland Bridge. Cross over into Wolseley and follow Wolseley Avenue into Omand Park. Use the red pedestrian bridge at the southwest corner of the park to cross over the Assiniboine River. From here, head west along Wellington Crescent until you’re back where you started.

For a 5km run, begin at Sir John Franklin Park and head east toward the Maryland Bridge. Once you’ve reached the bridge, turn back and follow Wellington Crescent west towards your starting point.

Enjoy the golden hours

A morning run not only help you beat the heat during summer, but it also gives the nicest views that make either circuit that much more worthwhile. There are plenty of friendly runners and dog walkers on the trail, so whether you’re with friends or training solo, you won’t feel alone. The mature trees lining Wellington Crescent and the bridges crossing the Assiniboine River also make for a great photo op.

Enjoy the break from traffic

From early spring to late fall, Wellington Crescent is closed on Sundays and holidays to most motor vehicle traffic from 8am–8pm. This gives you a really peaceful run route in the heart of the city. (And it’s also good to keep in mind in case you have to change up your transportation route on the way there). Better yet, enjoy the lack of cars and bike over to your run route instead.

Add some cross-training

If you’re looking to add some variety to your workout, this route delivers. The crescent is packed with park benches to take your workout to the next level. Try adding step-ups, bench dips or push-ups into your running routine. Or, if you prefer, relax, just enjoy the scenery and use the benches to stretch post-workout.

Treat yourself

From a Tall Grass Prairie cinnamon bun to a full breakfast feast at Stella’s on Sherbrook, the nearby Wolseley neighbourhood is packed with options. Nothing tastes quite as delicious as a well-deserved treat after a solid workout.

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