Point Pleasant Park

Run with some serious harbour views



Half day

Point Pleasant Park sits on the southern tip of the Halifax Peninsula. Crusher dust and partly paved trails crisscross the entire park allowing for a different running route each time you visit. Not sure what crusher dust is? Read on for more about this customizable run that comes with a side of serious harbour views.

Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park, Point Pleasant Drive, Halifax, NS, Canada

Get Directions

Driving time from downtown

10 minutes

Length of winding trails


Small beach to explore


Planning your run

What you need to know before heading out

How to get there

You’ve got options, which is a nice way to start to your run. The nearest Halifax Transit stop to Point Pleasant Park is route 9, with a 30-minute ride. If you’re driving, you’ll have three parking lots to choose from, depending on where you want to kick off your run and how many kilometres you’ll be covering.

The prep

The park is open from 6:00am to midnight all year round, with some exceptions for winter maintenance. Because the trails are a mix of crusher dust (finely crushed and compacted rock), pavement, and sometimes soft dirt, you should be fine with your road running shoes. Anyone from Halifax knows that the weather can change at any moment, so be prepared for random rain clouds or strong sun rays in summer.

Plan your loop

The great part about Point Pleasant Park – other than its impressive natural views – is the criss-crossing trails that make it easy to create your own looped route with options to mix up the distances. If you want to keep things simple, the perimeter loop of the park is just under 3.5km. Check out the large map at the western entrance to plan out your route on the fly.


Black rock beach

If you’re running the outside loop, you’ll definitely run into this small crescent-shaped beach. Make sure to bring your camera, because even the foggy days are worthy of a photo opp.


Along with the scenery, you’ll come across preserved forts and memorial sites as you wind through trails in this historical park. Fun fact to share with your running buddies: the site is rented from the British Government for one shilling a year, which is roughly ten cents. The lease is for 999 years.

Coastal ecosystems

Efforts are made to maintain the park’s natural ecosystems. As you’re trotting along, keep your eyes and ears alert for the sounds of local amphibians and birds making a home in the surrounding ponds and trees.

Essential Gear

Be prepared for Halifax’s weather swings.

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