Vancouver False Creek Seawall

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Even though Vancouver runners have to battle frequent rain, you still get to run in the winter. This section of the seawall never closes, and neither do its incredible city, water and mountain views. If you do this route in the summer, you’ll definitely encounter busy sections of runners and cyclists (especially on sunny weekends), but you may also be entertained by the multiple public pianos that line the seawall.

Vancouver False Creek Seawall

David Lam Park, Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Start in the park

The scenery at David Lam Park makes it an ideal place to start your run, as you take in the water and city views across the seawall. If you come by on the right day, you might be able to join a game of pickup volleyball or watch a pop-up festival. Head east along the seawall from the park towards the stadiums, and keep an eye out for the off-leash dog park along the way – it’s a fun place to stop and watch big and little dogs let out some energy.

Mid-run inspiration

Whether you’re running because you want to play under the big lights someday or you’re just trying to work off those nachos, Vancouver’s two biggest sporting arenas provide added motivation along this route. It’s not just the banners of current Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps teams that’ll motivate you – loop around BC Place to catch a view of the inspirational Terry Fox statue and then continue west.

Stop for a dose of science

There’s always something happening at Science World, and you’ll be able to choose whether you want to keep running or stop and scope out the displays that line the iconic sphere-shaped building. If you want to see something cool, peruse the zone outside Science World’s entrance that help you visualize how hydroelectric dams work. From there, curve around the end of False Creek while staying on the seawall.

Granville Island

The route into Granville Island is characterized by beautiful views of the water and sun-speckled downtown buildings. It’s how Vancouver got its reputation as the City of Glass. Take a detour onto artsy Granville Island for a snack or pass through Sutcliffe Park’s greenery. (Just make sure you’re not running in the bike lane – it’s a busy place.) You’ll quickly understand why locals refer to the seawall as Vancouver’s public square.

Take a beach break

Take First Avenue to Trafalgar, and head into small Trafalgar Park to head down the stairs that are easy to miss. These steps lead to a path that takes a more hidden route to the beach, and you’ll pop out near the pool and then to the sand of Kits Beach. 


Head back east and you’ll eventually pass by the Museum of Vancouver and Bard on the Beach. But first, take some time to dust off the running shoes, dig your feet into the sand, and have a well-deserved hang at the beach. Check for people playing a round of volleyball or setting up slacklines at this popular summer spot.


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