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Be prepared for a slick 12km running course that’s been adopted by our very own MEC Burlington run crew. It’s secluded from traffic and follows the Hydrocut Trail to get to Newport Park, which makes this out-and-back a great run to gain some distance in your training without feeling like you’re in the city.


MEC Burlington, Brant Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

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Where to get started

The route itself is roughly 12km, and begins and ends at MEC Burlington – convenient if you need to pick up an energy gel or fill your water bottle before you go. From there, you’ll venture onto the Hydrocut Trail, which follows power lines all the way to Newport Park. This trail offers some great hills for an added dose of leg-burning fun.

The 6km trek out is perfect for all skill levels. There’s enough space to enjoy a group run, and it’s very easy to navigate so you to focus on your form or pace if you’ve set specific training goals, or just want to focus on catching up with your running buddies.

Break for parks

The turnaround point for this run is Newport Park. Take a minute to pause in the shade of some trees before heading back to MEC. While the prescribed route only runs through two parks, there are a bunch more just steps away from the trail, so you can modify the directions and turn this run into your own “parks of Burlington” checklist tour.

Group dynamic

Some runners enjoy quiet thinking that a solo run brings, while others prefer the more social aspect of group runs. Even if you do prefer a solo outing, a good running club can provide you with proper instruction on your form (to help avoid potential injuries), introduce new training concepts (like stamina versus speed work) and allow you to grow at your own pace with the support of other runners. When you get back to your starting point, check out the upcoming events to see when the Burlington run crew is heading out next.

Stretch the stress away

After wrapping up your run, you may want to throw in a few yoga poses to help restore healthy muscle function and mobility. Whether you do this run on your own or with a group, it’s important to stretch once you’re done; your muscles will thank you for it tomorrow!

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