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Lac-Témiscouata National Park

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If you’re itching to pitch a tent and take a break from the city, there’s no better place than Lac-Témiscouata National Park. Cradled in the Notre-Dame mountains, age-old glaciers carved out its grand crags and gem-like lakes. This is a land networked by water, so set up camp, then start (and continue) your adventure by boot or boat.

Lac-Témiscouata National Park

Lac-Témiscouata National Park Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

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Simply arriving at Lac-Témiscouata National Park feels like a mini-vacation – the scenery is awesome. But you wouldn’t be content just to sit and stare, would you? There are several trails that range from two to four hours round-trip, and while they’re drastically different in length and scenery, they’re all great options for intermediate hikers.

The 5.8km Montagne-du-Fourneau hike leads you through pine forests with great lake views and the largest altitude drop in the park’s trail system. Nimbler feet should check out the rocky expanses of the Grands-Pins hike, while nature lovers can get deep into it with the 12.4km Rivière-des-Mémoires hike

Roam freely through the park

If you’re a natural wanderer, you don’t need to settle down in a single campsite. Instead, you can turn your camping trip into a multi-day backpacking trip on the National Trail, which crosses the whole park on a dynamic 37km route. There are campgrounds, huts and ready-to-camp facilities where you can sleep along the way.

Paddle off the beaten path

Given that this is a glacier-sculpted landscape, it’s pocked with some of the prettiest lakes and streams you’ve ever seen, so be sure to include paddling in your expedition. You can voyage to various campsites, and you may see trout, beavers, moose or the park’s iconic bald eagles along the way. One to look into is the Touladi lakes trip, a 16km route that goes through beds of lush sea grass and between remote islands. Remember that these islands are fragile ecosystems, so refrain from disembarking.

Indulge in little luxuries

A short drive from the park is the town of Témiscouata-sur-le-lac, an awesome place to restock your supplies and grab a bite to eat. Check out Amarante, the town’s ecological grocer and pick up some organic marshmallows to roast over your next camping trip.

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