Distillery District

Short and (very) sweet 3.5K run



Half day

Take on this 3.5km run through Corktown and the Distillery District to see the best of Toronto’s east side. Get some hill runs in at Corktown Common, scout the upcoming theatre lineup and check out some chocolate creations. Want a longer run? Extend your time in the park or head back to the starting point on foot.

Distillery District

The Distillery District, Toronto, ON, Canada

Get Directions

Planning your route

Explore the art and architecture of T.O.’s east side

Look up and around

The first part of this 3.5km run route is all about art and architecture. Starting at Parliament Street, head east on Queen Street. You’ll quickly come to Corktown’s edgy Urban Gallery (even though it’s likely too early to pause your run yet, it is a good spot to see local art). Across the street is St. Paul’s Basilica, which dates back to 1887 and was raised to Basilica status in 1999. Keep heading east on Queen to take a right on River Street.

Hit those hills

Corktown Common park will welcome you as you head south through Underpass Park into the West Don Lands. This hilly place is a great spot to practice some hill drills of course. A word from the wise: hill training significantly increases the stress on your body so remember to increase your post-workout recovery, and stick to one or two hill sessions per week.

Get in a few ups and downs on the hills to extend your run route past 3.5km (bonus: hill training is speed work is disguise).

Culture crawl

The Distillery District is more than just old buildings: it’s the largest collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in North America. It’s also got substance beneath the historic shell. The owners of the district opted to lease only to local businesses, which means lots of art galleries, boutiques, locally-owned restaurants and cafes. It’s also home to the Toronto love locks sculpture, which is a good spot for a #RunLove selfie.


The majority of the upper-floor occupants are local artists, so have a glance upwards as you run you might just catch the next Emily Carr brushing on the final strokes of a piece. Looking for something to do on the weekend? Run over to the Soulpepper Theatre Company to see what’s on stage.

Chocolate cooldown

Wrap up your run at SOMA Chocolatemakers with a cup of their A La Taza drinking chocolate – it’s a shot of dark chocolate blended with cinnamon and spices. Rather take a bite to go? Try their Old School Dark Bar a plain-and-simple bar made of stone ground cacao nibs and sugar crystals with a crumbly texture to it, almost like a cookie.

Essential gear

All you need for a run through the city.

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