The Bow Building

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Sometimes it’s funny how the same scenery you pass by everyday seems a little different when you’re not running late or running behind, and you’re just running. Get out of the office for a fresh perspective on the iconic Bow building with this downtown run route – it’s time to see your city in a new light.

The Bow Building

The Bow Building

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Where to begin

Harley Hotchkiss Gardens, at 6 Avenue SW and 4 Street SW, is a great place to start. There’s a parking lot right across the street and another two blocks south. Lace up on the benches, warm up, cross the street and set off east down 6 Avenue.

Bow Building

Within a few blocks you’ll come to the south side of the Bow Building, and the famous Wonderland sculpture. If you’ve seen this sculpture lots before, consider this your excuse to pause and (finally) snap a pic of it in the plaza. Really into art or new to the city? Check out the other sculpture by the same artist located around the corner on the north side of the Bow. After your art break, head south on 1 Street SE.

To the river

The Olympic Plaza is on your left in one block. Turn into the little urban park and see if there’s anything happening. In summer, there are lots of festivals and events here, so there might be something going on.


Next, head north on Macleod Trail SE past City Hall and in four blocks you’ll come to the Bow River. Cross onto the River Walk and head back west, transitioning onto the Bow River Pathway. If you’ve still got some juice, cross onto Prince’s Island Park and squeeze in a few laps. Otherwise, head south and make your way back over to your starting point.


Take cover

Calgary’s many enclosed walkways make for less congested sidewalks than most major cities, which usually gives you lots of room. And if the weather turns? You can easily stay dry by popping into the extensive pedestrian skywalk system, which links the majority of downtown. The area is also loaded with shopping, cafés and restaurants for pre- or post- run carb loading.

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