Boler Mountain, London

Taste of singletrack for newbie riders



Half day

London might not be known for its hills, but Boler Mountain’s 2.5km Yellow Trail gives newbies and seasoned riders just enough drops and well-maintained tracks. MTB veterans will find it a great warm up before heading out on some of the bigger loops, and beginners can rent mountain bikes on site to enjoy their first foray into the forest trails.

Boler Mountain, London

42.946403, -81.340763

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Planning your ride

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Just for riders

The bike trails at Boler Mountain are exclusively for bikers so you shouldn’t have to worry about any day hikers getting in your way – though the odd rogue dog-walker might sneak on after hours. All the trails and features at this facility (including clear signage) are designed and maintained for mountain bikers.

Give biking a try

Boler’s 2.5km Yellow Trail is an ideal intro to mountain biking. The trail itself is easy enough not to feel intimidating but still challenging enough to be fun. There are some berms built into the track but no major drops. It’s hilly enough that you’ll pick up a little speed, but the terrain allows you to stay in control. Rentals are available right at the trail and Boler Mountain even offers an adult learn to bike program.

A high point

London isn’t really known for its hills, meaning Boler “Mountain” is a rarity in this region. You’re not going to find the same vertical on a ride anywhere else around here, even if it’s only 65m at its max. The Yellow Trail gives you a mellower ride with a vertical climb (and subsequent descent) of 32m. The climb isn’t hard and there are no aggressive switchbacks to get you up the mountain, which makes it an ideal warm-up loop for more advanced riders before they hit the higher Red Trail or Black Trail.

Friendly competition

Throughout the summer, Boler offers a race series on Thursday evenings with four levels of competition (open, elite, sport and beginner). The beginner level races are two laps of the Yellow Trail for a total distance of 5km. The facility also hosts other events like a mountain bike festival and social weekend group rides. Details and dates are updated on Boler’s website.

Post-ride refueling

No trip to London’s Byron area is complete without a stop at Byron Pizza. Grab a slice with your friends after your ride or call ahead for a pick-up order on your way home. This London establishment in only a 7-minute drive from the trails and well worth the trek.

Essential gear

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