Mount Seymour

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Get ready for the North Shore proving grounds. Mount Seymour has some of the most technical and challenging trails in Vancouver, and this route gives experienced riders a way to hit the highlights. The teeter-totters on Boogieman, high-speed jumps and drops on Pingu, and the steep chutes of Severed D will keep you honest.

Mount Seymour

49.322963, -122.971973

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Some of the North Shore’s gnarliest routes

Where to park

Old Buck trailhead is a natural point to start your ride on Seymour – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Old Buck is a gravel trail straight up the mountain that brings you up into the woods quickly. It’s a grind. It does, however, make a great place to park your car as it’s a decent sized parking lot, with Parkgate Village Shopping area a short pedal away. Meet your friends for a coffee at Bean Around the World, and then hit the trail.

Find the Hamburglar

Boogieman is a true North Shore classic. A very technical descent with many stunts and discombobulating moves, “the Boogie,” as it’s known, is nothing short of demanding. In 2016, a new exit called Boogie Nights was built as an alternate to the steep and aggressive original exit, and is a fast and flowing jump line. If you do decide to ride the original exit, keep an eye out for a life-sized wooden cut-out of the Hamburglar.

Seeing spots and Christmas corners

Good Sir Martin is a fantastic climbing trail that brings you right up the middle of Mount Seymour for another lap. The best part is that it keeps you from having to climb the road, and without having to do another ascent up Old Buck. Take note of some little signage, including the Infamous Corner and the Christmas Corners, as you wind your way up a steep pitch of the mountain. By this point in the climb, most riders are so tired they’re seeing spots, so do your best to keep the rubber side down.

A perfect photo op

What’s the best part about the North Shore? Its unique trail features obviously. Many of the features that made North Vancouver mountain biking famous are found on Mount Seymour. Check out the Boogieman teeter-totter for a true classic. The fulcrum is a suspended chain that adds an extra element of uncertainty.

Old school vs. new school

Pingu is an old-school trail with new-school flow. A great mix of chunderous rock gardens and smooth tabletops make Pingu a great connector from the Powerlines to the Baden Powell. The NSMBA has been hard at work getting this trail up to speed and, as a fun bonus, partnered with The Raven Pub in Deep Cove to create the “Pingu Pizza.” If you head down there and show your NSMBA Membership Card, you’ll get a discount on your meal!

Essential gear

Get ready for a big day on Seymour’s trails.

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