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Whether you’ve got an awesome idea and need a little help bringing it to life, or you want to use your social channels to inspire others to get outside, an MEC Outdoor Nation Summit is your destination to help shape the outdoor community in Canada.

Sound like your kind of weekend? Fill out the application form by Tuesday, September 5, 2018. Hurry, spots are limited. We’ll let everyone know the status of their application by Friday, September 7.

Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda with info about our inspiring speakers, facilitators and panel members.



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September 21 – 23, 2018


Friday 5pm – Sunday 5pm


All expense paid weekend, totally free

What's included

Accommodation, food, activities, workshops

Ontario Place, Toronto

955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9, Canada

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Best. Weekend. Ever

Want more details?

Bring your idea to life

If you have a great idea to get a bigger, more diverse crew outside, we want to hear about it!

A weekend of project shaping and refinement with input from our panel of experts and workshops led by awesome local entrepreneurs.

  • To be accepted to the Summit, you must have a project idea that:
    • Gets 18–35 year olds active and outside in a unique and creative way
    • Introduces new communities to an outdoor activity/activities. Who is missing from the outdoor spaces you love the most?
    • Is a resource, an event, a program, or a network of people. Or something totally different. There is no wrong answer.
  • The top ideas are awarded grants, as judged by our panel – up to $50,000 across Canada

Inspire others to get outside

If you want to inspire 18–35 year olds to get active and outside, we want you!

Two days of shaping and refinement of your social power with input from our awesome experts and workshops led by inspiring locals.

  • The way you want to inspire a new group or groups of people outside and active is the #1 priority here. Ask yourself:
    • What do you love about the outdoors?
    • What needs to change
    • How are you part of that change?
  • The big reveal: the next Outdoor Nation Ambassador will be chosen by our panel to represent their city and MEC. Only 3 will be chosen across Canada.

Be part of shaping the outdoor community in Canada!

Get in touch

Want to find out more about MEC Outdoor Nation?


Amil Reddy

MEC Outdoor Nation Coordinator

604.707.2355 or outdoornation@mec.ca

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