Sunnybrook Park, Toronto

Trail run that ends with a treat


A little tougher

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Grab a run buddy to lace up and explore paths and trails along the Don River. This 10km-ish transit-accessible route winds away from the city and through Glendon College, Sunnybrook Park, Seton Park and Serena Gundy Park. It all ends at a place to toast your 10K success with a pastry, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

Sunnybrook Park, Toronto

Sunnybrook Park, Toronto, ON, Canada

Get Directions

Planning your route

Where to start and finish

How to get there

We all know what the traffic is like in TO, so public transit is the best way to get begin. This route has an easy starting point right at the Yonge and Lawrence subway station. If you need to drive, park at the Green P lot just north of Lawrence at 23 Bedford Park Avenue. (Just keep in mind that the route doesn’t loop back, so you’ll need to add on a few more kilometres to return to your car.)

Where to begin

Head east on Lawrence Avenue to York University’s ivy shrouded Glendon College. Make your way through this picturesque campus to the north entrance of Sunnybrook Park, which was once a 154-hectare farm. Donated by one of its owners in 1928, the city has preserved the original barns. The barns currently serve as a public riding school, so expect to see a few horses on the trail.

Follow the Don

Follow the Don River south through Serena Gundy Park, then cross into E.T. Seton Park. Ernest Thompson Seton was a famed naturalist of Toronto at the turn of the century. His desire to teach kids about nature inspired Robert Baden-Powell to found the Boy Scouts. The park has plenty of paths of runners, bikers and horseback riders, along with a free public archery range (BYO archery equipment)

Up your pace

If you’re prepping for a race or simply looking for a way to spice up your running routine, fartlek training is a great way to increase your pace. This Swedish training method blends the longer, slower sections of a run with shorter, faster intervals. Just pick an object in the distance, sprint to it, then slow down for a little while. The beauty of this style is how unstructured it is – you can adjust the intensity to your needs (and energy levels).

Where to wrap up

Stop by Charmaine Sweets Studio, a bakery that uses organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Running by early on Friday or Saturday? Try their delicious mille feuille. What more could you want after a solid 10K? Tip: pre-order online so you can grab your ready-to-go treats without missing a step.

Essential gear

Pick up a few basics that will make all the difference on your run.

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