Springbank Park

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If you’re looking for a sign to register your next (or your first) race anywhere near Toronto, this is it. Why? We’ve got a cruisy running route all planned out for you, including an even 5K loop section that makes it simple to track your distance and your progress, whether you’ve got a 5K race in your mind – or something bigger.

Springbank Park

Springbank Park, Commissioners Road West, London, ON, Canada

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Seasons in Springbank

Springbank Park is part of London’s large path network that runs along the Thames, and when you’re running here it’s easy to forget that you’re in the city. You can even hit the Springbank trail year-round, because the paths here are (for the most part) well maintained, even in winter.


The flowering trees and popular gardens give you nice spring running scenery, so put this park on your location list when it starts to get warm. In summer, you might spot rabbits and deer on the trail, especially on early morning runs, along with birds singing in the old trees of the park (likely to cheer you on).

Measure your distance

There’s an exact 5km loop on the paths in Springbank which makes it a good place to train for your next event. Even without a fancy watch you can know how far you’ve gone and keep a great pace using the handy marker signs at each kilometre, but consider adding a bit of wearable tech to take your training to the next level.

A perfect meet up

The extra wide paths here make it an ideal place for running with a few friends or even a big group. Keep an eye out for cyclists and other athletes on the path and leave enough room for passing. If you’re looking to extend your time with your run crew, bring your bikes along and cruise east down the river path to River Forks Park.


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