Basler Park, Morin-Heights

Tune up your riding skills on these trails



Half day

Morin-Heights is an awesome place for beginners to try out mountain biking or for intermediate riders to really hone their skills. Basler Park offers a variety of circuits, shaded woods, incredible viewpoints, a beautiful lake and a mini bike park. Head on over for a packed day of cycling.

Basler Park, Morin-Heights

45.899111, -74.250556

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Driving time from Laval

45 minutes

Trails to explore

25 total (over 15km)

Lookout points

2 nice views

Planning your ride

Get ready for some time on the trails

Come prepared

Morin-Heights may be a resort town, but it largely caters to winter sports. You can’t always count on equipment rentals for the summer season, so come with your own mountain bike in tow – and of course, your helmet, sunscreen, a water bottle and a first-aid kit.

Pick your course

Basler Park boasts 25 trails that vary between basic and intermediate degrees of difficulty. There are quite a few green runs for newer riders, and riders with some experience love La Rockcliff, a blue trail that’s around 1300m long. Another favourite is Chickadee, which starts at a 290m high point and has an easier slope that ends at Chemin du Village. For a longer run, link one trail to the other and go all the way around Lac Lefebvre before you make your way back to the parking lot.


You’re well taken care of

Along with an impressive collection of circuits, Basler Park includes a picnic area, public washrooms, water fountains and free parking. The only thing missing is a food truck – but if you work up an appetite, just head to one of Morin-Heights’ little coffee shops. Mickey’s Cafe, located conveniently on Chemin du Village, has lots of vegetarian choices and all the caffeine you could ever want.

Ride in the countryside

Basler Park has direct access to the Aerobic Corridor, a 58km recreational trail that links Morin-Heights to St-Rémi-d’Amherst. If you’ve had enough adrenaline for the day, check out this easy yet beautiful trail that leads riders, hikers and runners through the countryside. The trail is beginner-friendly and leads from one small town to the next, as it passes by lakes and waterfalls and cuts through thick forests.

Essential gear

Get set to hit the trails, whether you’re a new rider or are ready to rip.

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