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There’s something about summer that puts everyone on high alert to pack up a cooler with snack spreads and cold drinks, and try to find just the right sun/shade mix for a picnic session. Emily Murphy Park, centrally located in Edmonton’s River Valley, is less well-known than nearby William Hawrelak Park – plus dogs are welcome here.


Emily Murphy Park

Emily Murphy Park, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Sitting right up against the North Saskatchewan River, this small park has all the scenery as some of its nearby park neighbours, but comes with a bit more hidden gem status. The two parking lots are close to the two official picnic sites, just in case you’re rolling in with a big cooler for a full day outside.

Sunny snacks

While there are only two official picnic sites in the park, there’s also a whole lot of green space to spread out your blanket. Summer never quite feels complete without a few meals outside, and al fresco dining makes even simple crackers and cheese taste better. Invite some friends to make a picnic potluck happen (if you bring an ice cream ball, it’s pretty much a guaranteed hit), along with a frisbee.

Roam a little

Feel like walking some trails? From your homebase, you can head north, east or west and connect up with other parks and trail networks. Walk the Riverwalk Trail to take in the scenery of the Edmonton River Valley. Be sure to bring a camera; these trails will make the city feel far behind you and give you excellent photo ops of the river and trees. Dusk provides particularly impressive views (if you’re headed out on the trail at this time, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get back before it’s dark, and pack a light just in case).

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