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Ready to take your riding to the next level? Mount Fromme in North Vancouver is one of the best places to grow your mountain biking skills. There has been an immense amount of maintenance and trail development, and it now boasts over 90 trails for you to keep progressing as a rider.

Mount Fromme

Mount Fromme Parking lot, Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Where to park

If you’ve ridden Fromme in the past, you’ll know that the relatively new parking lot on Mountain Highway makes it a great starting point for any ride. Drive through Lynn Valley and up Mountain Highway, and you’ll quickly find yourself at a large parking area in the woods, complete with bathrooms, bike washing stations and trail maps. The climb up Mountain Highway from here is gentle and steady, and is a great warm up before you begin your descent.

7th Secret

First thing’s first: 7th Secret… isn’t exactly a secret. It’s an intermediate/advanced descent and an absolute classic on Mount Fromme. The berms and corners are reinforced with rock armouring to help with the over 115cm of rain North Vancouver sees per year, and there are many optional wooden features. Make sure to inspect any stunts before you try them.

Expresso, not espresso

It’s been a huge effort led by the legendary trail builder, Todd “Digger” Fiander, the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA), MEC and, to make Expresso one of the best trails on the North Shore. A great mix of buff singletrack, smooth corners, rock features and technical sections, Expresso is the perfect training ground for the intermediate rider.

Watch out for the Baden-Powell

The Baden-Powell Trail was built in 1971 and connects Deep Cove with Horseshoe Bay. A popular shared hiking and mountain biking trail, it creates a fantastic technical traverse on Mount Fromme that can be used to cross the mountain back to the parking lot area. Since the trail is now over 46 years old, it’s starting to show its age. There are many technical sections as you work your way back towards Mountain Highway, including the famous “Stairs of Despair.”

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