Cape Split Trailhead

Walk to wild cliff-top views

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A little tougher

Full day

At Cape Split, it’s about the journey, not the destination (though the cliff-top destination is definitely impressive). Set in Scots Bay, this 12km hike is relatively flat and rolling with great views of the Bay of Fundy along the way.

Cape Split Trailhead

Cape Split Trailhead, Scots Bay, NS, Canada

Get Directions

Driving time from Halifax

1.5 hours

Hiking trail

12km return

Time to hike the trail

4 – 5 hours return

Planning your hike

What you need to know to get out and about

Where to begin

You’ll need a car to access this hike, and it’s a relatively short hour-and-a-half drive northwest from Halifax. Once you’ve passed Wolfville, the landscape changes into patchwork farmland divided by marshy river inlets and rolling hills. There’s usually plenty of parking at the trailhead.

Changing tides

Cape Split is a finger of land poking into the Bay of Fundy. The bay is known for its extreme tides, and Cape Split is one of the best places to see the massive ebbs and flows. At low tide, a beach is exposed around the land, and at high tide you can watch the bay’s extreme currents and churning waters. The hike takes approximately four to five hours return, and if you want to stroll along its beaches at low tide, plan for at least another hour of hiking.

Pack a picnic

Because of the time it takes, many day hikers start out anytime between sunrise and early afternoon in the summer. It’s a good idea to plan your hiking finish around lunch since there’s a very picnic-inviting open lawn at the final destination.


Along with some sandwiches and essentials in your day pack, you’ll also want to have some layers since weather can change quickly in the bay. Comfortable hiking boots that are waterproof and have a sturdy tread are ideal for navigating some of the muddy patches, pebble stone creeks, and occasional roots and rocky inclines.

See spring blooms

There’s a lot to see on this trail, and each season brings its own flavour. Spring might just be a first-place contender, with blankets of white flowers and fiddleheads wrapping around the trails, backed with the Bay of Fundy peeking through the trees.

Photo op

When you reach your final destination, you’ll be happy you brought a camera to snap a pic. Although you may have reached the lookout point, there are still a few more nooks and crannies to explore. With a panoramic view all around, there will be lots of angles to capture.

Heading home

You might notice that on your way back, the majority of the trail is still rolling with a slow decline. This is where your comfortable hiking shoes will come in handy as you finish the last few kilometres. Consider stopping in Wolfville with your hiking crew to toast with some local pub grub before heading back to the city.

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