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Get here for a day hike before the word on its natural good looks is officially out. Huron Natural Area is just a short drive south of Kitchener, and it’s becoming a bit of a hotspot with photographers looking for a slice of #nature near the city. Bring comfy shoes to explore and keep your phone tucked in your day pack to unwind (unless you’ve got it out for pictures, of course).

Huron Natural Area

Huron Natural Area, Trillium Drive, Kitchener, ON, Canada

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This 107-acre green space is on Trillium Drive in Kitchener just west of Steckle Woods (another nice spot to do some exploring). If you decide to bike instead of drive here, lock up at the bike racks near to the parking lot.


There are six beginner-friendly trails at Huron that vary in length, from the 0.6km Meadow Trail to the 2km Strasburg Creek Trail. The park’s namesake trail is a great option – it’s a 1.3km path with paved sections that are wheelchair accessible and has a pretty impressive view.

Forest bathing and #nature

For photo-fanatics or anyone who likes a bit of a view with their hike, the Forest Trail and Huron Trail both have a sweet lookout point over the Board of Education Pond. Take a boardwalk selfie by the pond, try to pose your dog for a trail shot, or watch the wetlands to capture some of the wildlife that lives here including nesting birds and turtles taking a dip in the pond.


If you’re looking to recharge or unwind even more, the park runs some nature workshops for adults; some past ones have been for Shinrin-Yoko (a.k.a. forest bathing) and outdoor yoga.

Family time, plus the dog

The relative ease of the trails at Huron make it a good spot to bring the kids, and a brand new natural playscape is also there to introduce little ones to a hands-on outdoor experience. Keeping with Huron’s nature vibe, this playscape is like a playground but made of big logs, stepping stumps, and with the chance for kids to build forts and move stuff around. It’s the first one ever in Kitchener.


On a practical note, there are bathrooms on-site for pit stops if you’re there all day. Your furry friends are welcome in the park too.

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